Bookish Resolutions for 2016!


Hello Everybody! Long time no see.

So…here’s the deal. I wrote a post awhile back about how I was back after a short hiatus and that I was going to be posting regularly again. That was in September. And I haven’t written a post since then.

I have sat down and tried to write a variety of posts a dozen times since then. A mix of apologies for not posting, excuses for not posting, and even several posts that I was fully prepared to do.  ex; A booktube-a-thon wrap-up, a NaNoWriMo announcement, which then turned into wrap up, which then turned into another thing I had setting on my shoulders that never got finished.

So basically, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, but things just got so crazy, and then I got overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things I had to do to get caught up with my blog again, and then I never did any of it. But with the new year, comes a new start. A clean slate where a lack of wrap ups and reviews don’t matter. Also the pressure of posting once a week will hopefully not pull me under this time. So as of now, I can’t promise a new post every Tuesday, or even once a week. But I will post whenever I can.

I started this blog to meet fellow book-nerds (check!), share some opinions (check!), and maybe even talk to some authors (check!!!!!! *reads email from Jennifer E Smith 3,289,465,287,562,504,786,728,568 times*)

So yeah, I missed some stuff, and there are some gaps in things I thought I was going to do. There are still some reviews that I wanted to write and haven’t yet, still some tags and such that I haven’t finished, but that’s okay. I’ve been ranting for far too long, now, s I’m just going to get into the real, true meaning of this post.


I have seen a lot of posts and videos about reading resolutions lately, and I thought that it would be the perfect post to both ring in the new year with, and restart up my posting.

So here my Bookish Goals for 2016!

First off, 2016 is going to be a year that is full of new things. Trying new hobbies, new genres, etc. So amongst my reading and (hopefully) blogging, I am going to be finishing my novel that I started during NaNoWriMo 2015. (!!!)

  1. I want to read more series. I was going through reorganizing my bookshelf the other day and seeing the complete Mistborn trilogy made me realize what a grand satisfaction it was seeing a completed series on my shelf. So along with completing more series on the behalf of my inner book collector, I want to read for series, maybe even finish some series that I have started, but haven’t finished. (Series recs would be greatly appreciated!)


  1.  Do more read-a-thons. I participated in booktube-a-thon 2015 and it was AMAZING. I had so much fun with all of the challenges and instagram pictures and, of course, reading an entire 8 books in a week! I loved the feeling of excitement, mixed with the thrill of the challenge that pushed me to read fast and finish books that I may have normally DNF’d or pushed back on my TBR. So if any of you know of any good read-a-thons feel free to leave them in the comments below!


  1. Do you know what I want to murder this year? MY TBR PILE. I know for a fact that I probably won’t be able to read every unread book on my shelf this year (mostly because I have lost interest in a few of them), but I would love to start shaving down my overwhelmingly huge TBR by reading those books that I have wanted to read forever. To stop pushing back these books and just READ THEM. (Buuuut, I’m still going to be an excessive book buyer. ;))


  1. Not stressing so much over reading. I have this thing where I stress myself out over things that shouldn’t be stressful, like, all the time. And I think that, especially this year, I was overwhelming myself way too much by trying to hit my goal of 60 books this year. (I ended up reading 51, thank you very much 4 month long reading slump.) So I am going to try not to stress and worry over how much I’m reading and just try to enjoy the books I’m reading, no matter the quantity.


  1. And this final resolution is for my blog. I have several more, minor goals for my reading this next year, but my last MAIN goal is to post AT LEAST once a month on Becoming Bookish. I set my goal so high for once a week that I think I overestimated myself when I started my blog. Around school and life and writing and photography and baking and reading and the million other things that I try to do, every Tuesday pushed me a little far. So at least once a month, I think anyway, should be good. I may post more than that, but I will not let myself post less than that.


Thank you all for so much support. My blog stats have been BLOWING UP since I went on my anxiety hiatus of fall 2015. I’m happy that I can entertain you in some sort of way, and that you guys enjoy my reviews and tags and whatnot!

What are your Bookish Resolutions for the new year? Any specific series you would love to tackle? Any genre that have peaked your interest? I would love to know down in the comments! Thank you for bearing with me while I figure out my blog and all of that. Merry (late) Christmas, Happy New Year, and I will see you all in 2016!!!



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