Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Finding Audrey


Description (from Goodreads):

An anxiety disorder disrupts fourteen-year-old Audrey’s daily life. She has been making slow but steady progress with Dr. Sarah, but when Audrey meets Linus, her brother’s gaming teammate, she is energized. She connects with him. Audrey can talk through her fears with Linus in a way she’s never been able to do with anyone before. As their friendship deepens and her recovery gains momentum, a sweet romantic connection develops, one that helps not just Audrey but also her entire family.

Title: Finding Audrey

Author: Sophie Kinsella

Page Count: 286

Series: Standalone

How I Got This Book: Bought

My review:

*Puts on sunglasses*

Okay, now we can start this review.
So, it has been a while since I read Finding Audrey. I read it in August of 2015 so that I could join in on the booksplosion live show. (An online book club. Click here to check em out!) But honestly this is one of those books that has just stuck with me ever since I read it. I read through it in less than a day, and then the day after that, I reread it and stayed up until, like, 4 am reading it.

This book has a whirlwind of mixed opinions surrounding it, and today I am going to be chucking mine into the storm! So, as per usual, the beginning of this post is going to be spoiler free and then, with some warning, I will jump into the spoiler-y section later.
So the first thing that I want to talk about is Audrey. I will go more in depth on my thoughts about the characters and especially how Audrey was portrayed in the spoiler section, but personally, I found her to be the single most relatable character that I have ever read about in any book. Ever. In all of existence. Like, I am basically Audrey. I loved the way that she responded to things and the way that she wanted to be open to things, but just…wasn’t. I also loved her humor, which I found to be quick, witty, and a lot of fun.

Without giving away too much, I just want to say that I found pretty much all of the characters to be a lot of fun. The only character that I disliked – “disliked” as in I was seething in anger every single time she said pretty much anything – was the mom. I will get into more detail later in the spoiler section, but just the way that she handled her son and his passions just completely ticked me off. But in that Professor Umbridge kind of a way. Where I hate her so much that it brings the story to life just that much more.

And then we have the romance. Again, I will talk more about this when spoilers are allowed, but basically I loved it. I thought that it was SO CUTE!!! *dies inside because I cannot even handle it* I loved seeing the “romance” in younger characters because that is something that is not really present in YA all that often. I know that a lot of people think that the love story aspect of this book was very cliché and other things like that, but I found this romance to be so sweet and unique in a way. I like the way that it progressed…and I can’t really say much more on this topic without spoiling this book.

I thought that the writing of this book was very fun and humorous. I feel like the way that the anxiety was handled was amazing and I loved the way that this book felt so natural and so easy. The story just seemed to nearly tell itself and the way that, just because the main character has anxiety, doesn’t mean that this was a sad or depressing book. It was just sort of a normal thing for Audrey and the way that it was portrayed was not disrespectful, but not too grave and grim and such, as well. This is one of those books that, every time I think about it, I realize again and again how much I love it and how much I can relate to it. This is probably one of my FAVORITE books of all time, so I highly recommend you go pick this up whenever you get the chance, ESPECIALLY if you are dealing with any level of anxiety or something similar.

That is pretty much all I can say about this book without spoiling it, so if you have not read this book yet, you might to start gathering your bags to leave in a moment. Don’t forget to like this post, leave a comment below telling me what book you have read that best deals with “mental illness”, and follow my blog by email. Seriously guys, your comments and follows are what help to grow my blog. Your opinion is important so leave it down below! =) I will see you at the bottom of the post!


Okay, so now that we have all read the book, we can speak freely of Finding Audrey…So basically that means I am going to talk about the mom now. I despised her. I know that is a strong, mean word, but it’s true! She was awful and she annoyed me to NO END. The way that Frank told her so many times that Gamin was what made him happy and was what hewas good at and every time she just yelled at him and disrespected him because of something that was in the NEWSPAPER. And then we she threw the console out the window, I was so angry at her. I have always had people around me that have supported whatever it is that I want to do and the fact that Frank and Audrey’s mom was so obsessed with herself and that gosh darn newspaper thing made me so angry at her.
Anyways, now onto the aspects of the book that don’t make me grind my teeth with hatred. (But again, in that love-to-hate them/Umbridge/Brings the story to life with real emotions kind of a way.)

So the anxiety in the book has been a very controversial topic in the book-reviewer-sphere. Some people like it and some people hate it with the burning passion of a flame. I actually loved the anxiety in this book. I found it to be the most realistic thing that I have ever read for so many different reasons. And here they are:

1. THE TONE OF THE BOOK. The tone of this book wasn’t depressing or grim or anything like that. The tone of the book was natural and funny and pretty light. Yes, there were moments when things got serious and sad, but for the most part, this book just felt…normal. There was so much humor, so much cuteness, and the way that all of that blended with the sad or more intense parts just made for this perfect mix.

2. THE WAY THAT AUDREY REACTED WHILE OUT IN PUBLIC/AROUND PEOPLE. I thought that the way that Audrey’s brain just sort of scrambled and became so overwhelmed when she was talking to people that were outside of her little bubble of people or while she was out in public was very real to at least what my brain does in that situation. I don’t have a panic attack (most of the time) whenever I sit in Starbucks or go into Barnes and Nobles, but the way that she acts in public is pretty much what my brain feels like in public, so I found that aspect very relatable. Just the way that everything seems so overwhelming, even when, to the average person, it’s not. Especially when she tries to meet Linus at the coffee shop and just…can’t.

3. AUDREY’S GROWTH THROUGH OUT THE STORY. I don’t have that many specifics to share about this one, but I really loved reading about the character arc of Audrey and that her arc and the anxiety arc weren’t totally aligned. I feel like that is just so true in a way, and also can we just take a moment for the way that Sophie Kinsella could write such a great character development in one fairly short stand-alone book. I mean, skills, woman. Skills.

4. A DAY IN THE LIFE. Okay, so this is the last thing that I want to talk about in the “anxiety” portion of this review. I loved how this book had things happening, but it wasn’t overly exciting. By this I mean, this wasn’t exactly an epic story of survival or anything like that. It was a light, fun documentary of Audrey’s life from day to day. One day she would be reading and eating oreos and the next she would be watching QVC. I loved how simple, yet charming this book was in its events and portrayal of anxiety.

So the last thing that I want to touch on before I close up this review is the romance in this book! So, first off, let it be known to the universe that I ADORED THE ROMANCE. I adored it SO MUCH that when I skyped my best friend (who doesn’t live near me. :/) I talked about it for a solid 15 minutes just telling her about all of the cute parts and trying to convince her to read it. (By the way, she has a blog, too. She posts lifestyle, beauty hacks, recipes and more! Click here to see it for yourself and be sure to tell her that Jamie from Becoming Bookish sent you!)

Anyways, I found the love story in Finding Audrey to be so sweet and innocent and lovely. The way that they would pass notes under the door and THE SHOE CONTACT. I ship Linus and Audrey so hard it is not even funny. And then the ice cream at the end, I just…I just…*cripples forever*. I also don’t think that the romance came across as “magically fixing Audrey’s anxiety”. I feel like it more came across as “Someone gave her hope and she latched onto that. She made a friend and he helped her to break out of her shell.” So basically beautiful.

Also this book takes place in Britain. Add that to the list of things that I love about this book.

I’m sure that I could talk for many more hours about this book, but I will spare you what has not been shared of my fangirling…for now. *evil smirk* So if you…I almost just typed “if you have not picked up Finding Audrey, definitely go check it out.” I forgot momentarily that this was the spoiler section. Classic.

Leave a comment down below telling me whether or not you agree with my opinions on Finding Audrey or not. I would love to know! Don’t forget to like this post, follow my blog by email, and maybe even share this review you really liked it!


So that was my review of Finding Audrey! If you have not picked it up yet, definitely go and check it out! Again, I would love to hear your thoughts down below! Be sure to check out my social media and I will see you guys with a new post sometime soon!

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