Welcome (Back) to Becoming Bookish!

*phone rings*

I’m sorry, the old Becoming Bookish can’t come to the phone right now…Why? Oh! Cause she’s dead!

becoming bookish og home page

The old Becoming Bookish home page (RIP)


Hey, everyone…long time no see! Er, long time no post. As you might have noticed, if you are a long-time follower of this blog, I recently completely rebranded Becoming Bookish. I have been planning it for a while, and at the start of the new year I decided to just rip off the band-aid and dig into the mystical world of reformatting, HTML, and hours of logo design on photoshop.

The reason that I decided to remodel my blog – and am also planning to approach post writing different – is quite simple, actually. I made this blog when I was 13. When my library was still a single line of books on my desk, and when my vast collection of read YA books, was about 3 series and a maybe…4 contemporaries? I was just starting to transition from reading Middle Grade, to YA. I made the website myself, and designed the logo and banner and all that. Then, I was prouder of this website than anything else, but since then my style has changed a lot. As the years of running BB went on, I started to notice more and more hiccups in the actual formatting and design of the blog, until I was so fed up with it that I ended up stopping posting entirely.

Because, as is expected, I have changed a lot since I was 13. Not only is my color and logo preference different, but so are my reasons for wanting a book blog. Then, my posts were looong and rambled on and on and on for ages. Now, I am working hard to critically develop my writing abilities, to create more focused and to-the-point posts. Every time I would come to my own blog I would get overwhelmed by all of the things that I wanted to change – no, needed to change. The blog that I created and ran then wasn’t the blog that I would create and run now.

I assume that you are a reader, if you have found yourself in my obscure corner of the Booknet, so I know that you understand how much you can change after years and years of constantly putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

So welcome to the new and improved Becoming Bookish! Where I have deleted (well, saved in a folder on my laptop, but hidden from view of the world – like I said, I wrote a lot of those posts at 13-14…) all of my old posts. I will be putting some of them back up, cool things like author interviews and my quote compilation posts, but I just decided to start fresh and do what I needed to do to make my blog a space where I felt productive and comfortable.

I designed and illustrated the logo on my own, as I have been spending a lot of time the last few years developing my graphic design abilities, and I am very happy with the outcome. I know that a rebrand really shouldn’t be such a big, dramatic thing,but you can thank my anxiety for blowing it so out of proportion. At least in my mind.

So welcome back to Becoming Bookish. Obviously it will take some time to build up my post library, and I am still working out the kinks, but I hope you like it!

Happy reading,



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