About Me


Hi! My name is Jamie and I like books!. I am painfully shy and always have my nose in a book. I enjoy cats and dogs and all things cute and animal-ish. I am currently writing a book and I hope to one day be published. I get a giddy feeling inside my chest when I walk into a bookstore. (please tell me I’m not the only one…) I could waste a lifetime mindlessly watching booktube (y’all need to go check out Jessethereader) and I have an ever expanding library. I inhale Doctor Who and my exhales sound like doo-wee-dooo (lame joke, I know.)I am a huge fan of Sawyer Fredericks (awesome singer, go check him out.) I love fairy-tale retellings and fantasy books. I have met Brandon Sanderson. (life:complete. Am I right?!) (But I was stupid with starstruckness and I forgot to get a picture…) Another thing about me: I am obsessed with gifs! (pronunciation: jifs)

Oh, one more thing you have to know about me : I am out of things to say about me

*straightens bow tie*

straight bowtie


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