#ConqueringKingdoms Book Tag!


Hello everybody! Welcome to 2016!!!!!!

So I have been watching a lot of booktube lately (surprise, surprise!), and there has been this really awesome tag going around called the #ConqueringKingdoms Book Tag! It is inspired by the amazing and addictive Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes, who actually wrote this tag herself!

I am in love with the Falling Kingdoms books, or at least the ones that I have read. I started the third book, Gathering Darkness, today. (As of when I’m writing this.) I really enjoyed the first two, in faaaaact, I have a FULL review for the first book. (Click here for Falling Kingdoms)

So without further ado, let’s get this bloody, backstabby, epic…y party started! (Hey, it may be 2016, but I’m still as awkward as ever.)


  1. In Mytica, there are constant betrayals and you can’t trust anyone! Which book character would you trust to be your sidekick on this adventure?


Hmmm, this is a tough one. I mean, I feel like I would be more of the sidekick to whoever I chose, but for the sake of this tag, lets pretend I’m a kick butt non-sidekick. For this question I have to say Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus series. I feel like our bians would sync pretty fast and we would be able to pull a few of those back to back fighting scenes where both parties are kicking butt and exchanging sarcastic trash talk-esque banter. *sigh* Yes, Nico.


  1. You will come across many who want you dead in Mytica, so you need to be ready to fight. What kind of warrior are you?


Going back to another one of my favorite series, Harry Potter, I think I would be a Neville. Not like *poof* suddenly really cute, but sort of being underestimated by even myself and then doing something just to save my friend and then it turns out I just saved the world on accident. But, if we’re all being honest here, I would like to think I would be a Harry, a chosen one, a super awesome person with epic fighting skills. But I’m locking in Neville as my final answer.


  1. What fantasy world would you like to conquer?


Well, I don’t really want to rule any place. Like, under no circumstances do I have the requirements or patience to deal with a nation of people. I can’t even go to the grocery store without getting so frazzled that I all but cry. (Okay, most of the times I cry. #SocialAnxiety). But if I HAD to pick a place, I would choose the world from Seraphina. (Forgive me, I haven’t read it in months so I can’t remember the name of the world). But I would love to make a treaty with the dragons and have a town of shape-shifters and dragons and humans.


  1. Which fictional character would you like to rule by your side?


Prince Maxon, of course! If you have read my reviews of the Selection Trilogy you will understand a fraction of the love that I hold deep in my heart for Maxon. Plus, he is already a royal, so he knows the ropes of ruling a country and such. Which I do not. Plus I would get to marry him, and let’s be honest, that would not be horrible.


  1. Who would you throw in the dungeon?


SO. MANY. PEOPLE. Ummm, I mean characters… But seriously, I don’t want to pull a cliche and say Umbridge from the Harry Potter series, who would be my first choice for the dungeon. But besides that evil witch, I think that I would throw (UNPOPULAR OPINIONS AHEAD) Katniss Everdeen in the dungeon. I am not the hugest fan of the Hunger Games, to say the least, but one of the things that I dislike the most about the series is Katniss. Her personality just rubs me the wrong way, along with other things that would take a whole post in and of themselves just to explain, so off to the dungeon for you, Katniss. Sorry not sorry.


  1. Who gets stabbed in the back?


I feel like if I were to stab someone in the back on my way to glory, it would be Bryn from Frostfire by Amanda Hocking because, while I have no doubt that she could absolutely kick my butt if she wanted to, but if I had the resources to, like, properly stab someone in the back, full on betrayal, it would be her. I feel like we have nothing in common so she would be the person in my little rebel group that I would not be super connected to. I also feel like she is so untrusting and bitter and work-focused that she would be formulating her own plans. And if I am to rule there will be no such thing!
So that was the Conquering Kingdoms Book Tag! I had so much fun writing this tag in the middle of the night as I watch the ball drop in Times Square! Anyways, if you are interested even slightly in the Falling Kingdoms series, I highly recommend that you give them a go. They are some of the best high fantasy books that I have personally read in awhile. The fourth book in the series, which is a projected six books as of now, just recently came out, so if you are all caught up on the series, be sure to check that out!

Anyways, Happy New Year and happy start of so many EPIC releases month! I hope this year treats you good, and that you enjoyed this tag! If you did, be sure to like and share! Also feel free to leave either a link to your blog post or video doing this tag in the comments below this post, or to just leave your answers in the comments! I would love to read your rise to fictional glory!


See ya soon!