The Harry Potter Spells Tag!


Hello everyone! Today I am going to be doing a tag! But not just any book tag…THE HARRY POTTER SPELLS TAG! Now, if you are not sure what a book tag is, it is a series of questions that correspond with a type of book and the doer of the tag (today that is me) has to fill in the blanks and show off what book they thinks fits best. And remember, this is all purely for fun!

I originally saw this tag done by Jessethereader on youtube, but this tag was created by TurtleSympathy on youtube! This might very well be my favorite book tag of all time. It is so clever and I can’t wait to do this!

So basically in this tag there is a list of spells from Harry Potter by JK Rowling, and each spell has a question paired with it! Genius!

So without further ado, let’s get this POTTER started! (Get it? Like PARTY…but POTTER….yeah, I know. That was bad…)

{also please note that all gifs used in this post were found on a google serach. I give all credit to whoever made them.}

1. Expecto Patronum
{A childhood book connected to good memories}

lightning thief

Well, I have been reading since I was, like, three, but I can’t remember what any of the books were that I liked back then. And since I only became a fierce reader/booklion about a year and a half ago, I am just going to choose one that has good memories from when I was new to the real bookish world. So that is why I am going with The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This was the first big series that I read when I was new to the book world and so when I think about it, it feels like I read it ages ago.

2. Expelliarmus
{A book that took you by surprise}


For this I am going to have to go with The Selection by Kiera Cass. I went into this book not expecting to like it. I thought that it would be really girly and petty and cheesy, but I was happily surprised! You can check out all of my thoughts on the Review I did of this book!

3. Prior Incantato
{The last book you read}


Well, the last book that I read is going to be a duplicate answer! The last full book that I read was The Selection by Kiera Cass! Haha! But I am currently reading my signed copy of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson!

4. Alohamora
{A book that introduced you to a genre you had not considered before}


For this I have to say Divergent by Veronica Roth, because before I read that book, (or heard of it) I didn’t really know that there were really cool books like that out there. I didn’t know about the whole YA community out here. I didn’t know about all of these fantastic books and people and authors. So Divergent not only introduced me to a genre, but it opened my eyes to what I love.

5. Riddikulus
{A funny book you’ve read}

The mark of athena

Well, I don’t really read a lot of humor books. And by that, I mean I don’t read straight up comedy books ever. So I am going to have to give this one to Rick Riordan again with The Mark of Athena, which is my favorite book from the Heroes of Olympus series. (The continuation series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) I laughed so many times, but mostly at Percy and Leo. :p

6. Sonorus
{A book you think everybody should know about}

ruins of gorlan

For this I am going with The Rangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan. I personally have only read book one, but I LOVED IT. If the rest of the series is as good as the first one was, then I am in for a treat. But I wish that more people knew about it and obsessed over it as much as I do so I could fangirl with people over it. (Seriously, if you have read even just book one of the Rangers Apprentice Series, I beg of you to tell me in the comments!)

7. Obliviate
{A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read}

The mark of athena

For this I am going to have to go with The Mark of Athena spoiler that I got. I had read 7 out of 9 books that were out and New-to-bookworld-me- decided that I should look up stuff about Percy Jackson and I saw a fanart of “the spoiler” In MOA and I didn’t realize that it was a spoiler until I started reading the book. Whoops.

8. Imperio
{A book you had to read for school}

doctor9 doctor9stupid

{Just so you know, I am not sure who made these gifs. These are gifs made from scenes from the BBC show Doctor who (which is my favorite show of all time). I give full credit to the maker of these gifs, whoever that may be. I just thought that these were really fitting for my answer to this question. both of these gifs were just found in a “doctor who gif” google search =) }

Well, I haven’t had to read many books for school. And I don’t think I have ever had to read a novel for school that I didn’t like. So I am going with my math textbook. Ew.

9. Crucio
{A book that was painful to read}


For this I am going to have to say Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. And before you sick some really big dogs on me or something, just know that a) I will have Hunger Games reviews up soon to explain myself and b) The Hunger Games Trilogy is just not for me. 

10. Avada Kedavra
{A book that could kill (interpret as you will)}

TFIOSallegiantHP Halfblood princethe book thief

I’m just gonna leave these here…

Thank you so much TurtleSympathy for the AWESOME book tag! The world, my bookshelf, and I all thank you for your dedication to booktube and your fandom.

Hey guys! If this looks like any fun to you, any fun at all, tell me your answers in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts on this tag!

Also thank you to all of you who read this tag! I hope enjoyed it and I will have a new post up soon!

See ya!

All Was Well…



9 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Spells Tag!

  1. jademwong says:

    Whoa. This may just be one of my favorite tags ever! So totally doing this, hope you don’t mind! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so I always love meeting others 😀 As an extra bonus: I love Doctor Who! Nine is my favorite ❤


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