How Do You Organize Your Shelf?

By the way, the shelf in the picture is NOT mine! I just found it on a web search!

By the way, the shelf in the picture is NOT mine! I just found it on a web search!

Hey guys! So I know that I have been pretty absent for the past few weeks and that was because I was actually spending a month at my Uncle’s farm and I didn’t have much of a chance to write posts for Becoming Bookish.

I would like to say I have something grand planned for this post, some big entrance, but I don’t. When I got back home a few days ago I realized that my bookshelves are a total disaster zone. Books EVERYWHERE. I can hardly walk in my room because the little devils have claimed every nook and cranny.

So I decided that I would like to reorganize my bookshelves to get them looking nice. But when your bookshelves reach the “near full library” zone *points to self*, that is quite the project.

So today I am going to be doing a discussion post! Just a small one, but I invite you ALL to join in on this and make it, well…a discussion. So join along in the comments on this post, or send me your opinions via twitter and Instagram! (I’m @BecomingBookish on both of them.)

So all that being said, here is today’s discussion topic: How do you organize your bookshelves?

Let’s be honest, we all have that way that we organize our books that we think nobody else will understand. Help us understand! I find all of those different ways of separating your books fascinating. So tell me in the comments, twitter, or Instagram how you organize your bookshelves!

I, at this point, do it by size and then by genre. So like I have all of my hardcovers that are the same height on a shelf or two (however many shelves it takes) and then I organize those books by genre.

So, like, I have hardcover Urban Fantasy fades into hardcover Sci-Fi which fades into hardcover Dystopian which fades into hardcover Contemporary and so on. And then I just do that with every height of books.

So how do you do it? How do you organize/display your beloved books? I would love to know!

See Ya!


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