Rating System

Hi! So when I review books I rely more on my opinions and statements to convey my feelings for the book than I do the star rating system. Because if I go between one and five stars (which I do) and I don’t say five, I feel mean. Haha. Anyways, just know that the meaning of each level can vary from book to book a little bit. So if you’re wondering about my feelings on a book, trust the written review more then the stars I gave it. =)

one star: I did not really like this book at all. Not a fan.

two stars: I really didn’t like it very much, but there were some parts I enjoyed

three stars: it was okay. There were things I liked about it, but also lots of things I didn’t. Just kind of “meh.”

four stars: I really, really, REALLY liked it!!! In fact, I can find nothing wrong with it. But most books that I really like are given four stars, and five stars is reserved for my absolute favorites.

five stars: reserved for my absolute favorites. I can find no flaws in it and it is really hard to write a review for it because I’m just over here going: “ASJKGH;L”. But I do give a lot of books five stars just because I really love a lot of books.

Please note: All of my reviews are my own opinion, unless specified otherwise. My goal is to inform readers about books that they might like. That being said, just because I didn’t like a book, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. And just because I liked a book, doesn’t guarantee that you would. I just try to tell you what I think of a book and how it made me feel. So everything on here (again, unless I say differently) are my own opinions.

Like I said before, the star rating system varys from book to book. But here are the general guidelines that I follow when giving books stars. I hope this helps to give you some bit of a shallow glance into my head. =p


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